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Medway Students are those who are attending the University of Greenwich while studying at the Medway campus. Medway students are represented by the Greenwich Students' Union if they attend the University of Greenwich, however they are also represented by GK Unions , which is Greenwich and Kent Unions together.

GK Unions offers more services at Medway campus, as Students’ Union of the University of Greenwich is primarily based between Avery Hill and Greenwich campuses. This means that as a Medway student, you can access the services of both GK Unions and Greenwich Students' Union. GK Unions provides an Advice Service, Societies, Sports Clubs, and activities, all on the Medway campus that all Medway students can access.

The website for the partnership can be found at

Also, you can contact the GK Unions team on 01634 888989 or visit them in the Student Hub on Medway Campus.

Medway students have particular shared experiences while at Greenwich, and so are represented by a Mature Students’ Officer who is elected to represent their interests to the University of Greenwich Students’ Union and the University.