Food & drink, toiletries and medicine 

We're providing a range of essential groceries.

Items marked (1) are limited to one item per customer to ensure a good supply to all students.

Order and collect groceries

Step 1: have a look at our groceries essentials list of items

Step 2: place your order between 10am and 7pm* at:

Step 3: come to the Village Shop at your allocated 10-minute time slot to pay** and collect your shopping

This is a weekday service and we will get in touch if we cannot fulfil any part of your order.

*please be aware if you leave it too late to email, we may miss your order for the day and it may have to wait until the next working day (Monday-Friday) **contactless payments only


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food & drink

We've included as much of our range as possible.

Milk (semi-skimmed) 1lt £1.05
Sugar 500g £2.65
Coffee 100g £3.99
Tea 80 Tea bags £2.65
Decaff Tea 80 Tea Bags £2.85
Water 2lt £1.99
Sunflower Oil 1lt £1.99
Rice 500g (1) £1.99
Salt 175g £1.05
Eggs x6 £1.65
Pasta 500g (1) £1.10
Dolmio Pasta Sauce 500g £2.80
Spaghetti 500g (1) £0.89
Pot Noodle - Bombay Bad Boy £1.99
Pot Noodle - Chicken & Mushroom £1.99
Pot Noodle - Curry £1.99
Super Noodle - Chicken £1.45
Super Noodle - BBQ Beef £1.45
Heinz Baked Beans £1.10
Heinz Canned Spaghetti £1.10
Strawberry Jam £1.40
Peanut Butter Smooth £2.10
Peanut Butter Crunchy £1.19
Nutella 200g £2.05
Long Life White Bread £2.25
Long Life Brown Bread £2.33
Long Life Seeded Bread £2.33
Alpro Oat Milk 1lt £1.99
Alpro Soya MIlk 1lt £1.99
Alpro Almond Milk 1lt £2.69
Alpro Coconut Milk 1lt £2.49
Long Life Whole Milk 1lt £1.75
CoCo Pops £3.50
Kellog's Corn Milk £2.99
Walkers Crisps (Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion or Ready Salted) £0.87
Twix 50g £0.85
Cadbury Dairy Milk 45g £0.88
Cadbury Crunchie 40g £0.89
Cadbury Wispa 36g £0.88
Cadbury Boost 48.5g £0.85
Cadbury Double Decker £0.85


We recommend using your fresh food first.

Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizza x2 £2.00
Chicago Town Four Cheese Pizza x2 £2.00
Beef Lasagna £1.99
Spaghetti Bolognese £1.99
Quorn Lasagne £4.50
Birds Eye Vegetable Mix £1.00
Dr Oetker Tomato, Mozzarella, Pesto Pizza £3.35
Dr Oetket Salami Caprese Pizza £3.35
Youngs Fish Cakes x4 £0.99
Birds Eye Chicken Chargrills x2 £4.15
Piri Piri Chicken Strips 190g £1.00


Remember to follow the NHS guidelines on washing hands for 20 seconds with soap.

Toilet Paper x4 (1) £2.50
Tampax Pearl Compaz Super x18 £3.50
Tampax Pearl Compax Regular x18 £3.50
Always Ultra Normal x14 with wings £3.37
Always Ultra Night x10 with wings £3.37
Colgate Toothpaste £1.00
Colgate Toothbrush £1.10
Nivea Chapstick £1.99
Handwash (1) £1.00
Flash Wipes £1.99


Here's our range of medicines that we stock at the Village Shop.

Lempsip Cold & Flu Capsules x16 £3.99
Lemsip Max All In One x4 Sachets £2.75
Blocked Nose Relief Nasal Spray £1.99
Vix Vapor Rub 50g £2.59
Strepsils Honey Lozenges x16 £3.75
Beechams All In One 160ml £5.25
Halls Extra Strong Lozenges £1.00
Lockets Menthol and Eucalptol £1.00
Paracetamol x16 (1) £0.60

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