Throughout the year, we’ll be leading on dozens of campaigns to ensure that your university experience is the best it can be. Here’s just a taster of what students have told us are top priorities. So if you would like to get stuck in and help us campaign, then be sure to reach out to us! 






Luke Ellis

Vice President Welfare

March 2018
Sexual Violence campaign from Luke Ellis, Vice President Welfare

Recently, I wrote an open letter to the Vice Chancellor to ask him to start prioritising the prevention of sexual violence. Here's the timeline of what's happened with the campaign so far.


Monday 19th February – The University was sent an Open Letter (which later became a petition), along with a timeline of action drafted up by the Union's Welfare Council. Within this email, a deadline for a response was given, which was 12th March, 12pm.

Monday 12th March – University did not respond to the open letter informally. Petition was launched on

Thursday 15th March – 500 signatures reached!

Friday 16th March – South London Press contacted me for a statement to run an article on the campaign. We had a quick interview, and the article was written.

Monday 19th March – University and David Maguire, University Vice Chancellor, responds to the Open Letter.

Tuesday 20th March – an article was published in the South London Press about the petition. Article was published in newspapers in most South London tube stations (the Mercury).

Friday 23rd March – Welfare Council met to draft a response back to the University and Vice Chancellor.

Monday 9th April - Welfare Council respond to the Vice Chancellor's letter


If you want to support the campaign and get involved, it will continue! Please email me at

If you need some support regarding any sexual violence issues, you can contact our Advice Service to speak to one of our Advisers. You can also get support from external organisations such as:

Victim Support ( / free helpline on 0808 168 9111)
Sexual Assault Referral Centres (