FOOD. Society

Are you a HUGE fan of food? Well you’re not alone. Come and join our society for a social yet relaxing time. We aim to provide food events to help bring people closer together with the love of food.

Who are we?


Goals and aspirations

We aim to bring you the finest range of exquisite foods which Greenwich has to offer. We aim to be a social society whereby our members can socialise and relax with one another. We will keep members updated with future events. Be sure to join now!

Be sure to follow us on all our social media pages/accounts, including our Instagram: UoG_Food


Our committee 2019/2020:

  • Founder / President - Matthew Clarke
  • Founder / Chairperson - Cyrus Akhtar
  • Founder / Treasurer - James Yellop
  • Founder / Secretary - Harriett Orchin


See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.