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About Us

            Economics & Business Society

Who can join our society?

Everyone! You do not necessarily have to pursue a degree in Economics or Business to become a member, you only have to passionate and interested in this subjects, to be eager to experiment and test your limits.                                                

  1. Are you looking to increase your professional network and share your experiences?
  2. Interested in attending business focused seminars and discussions?
  3. Excited to meet potential future employers and business professionals?
  4. Or just looking for a place to socialise make new friends whilst at university?


If so, join our Economics and Business society this year!

Don’t miss the chance to be involved in a real business atmosphere to build your future! 

Why join us?

You will be able to attend:

  • Arranged trips to events and conferences
  • Talks and seminars across and outside London
  • Company visits
  • Socials

You will also be able to receive GEP for some of the lectures/seminars we organise.                                                                                

How can you join?

Simply sign up online at the top of this page, it's cheap and open to everyone! 

End of the year trip - Cambridge