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Tue 24th November

Our VC Jane Harrington's vision for Sustainability at Greenwich
11am - noon
Our VC Jane Harrington will talk about her vision for Sustainability at Greenwich and how she sees it creating positive change.
Politics Society: The Big Climate Debate
4pm - 5:30pm
The Politics society will host a debate on climate change, many people have different ideas on what the best way forward is for tackling climate change with an important balance having to be drawn by politicians on current jobs + industries, the econ
Green Netflix Watch party
7pm - 8:30pm
We are inviting staff and students to watch David Attenborough's latest film "A Life on Our Planet"(on Netflix) and to join a Team discussion following it to talk about some of the issues raised, how they relate to us and our futures and what we can

Wed 25th November

Plogging at Avery Hill Campus
1pm - 2pm
Avery hill campus
What's a Plogg? you ask. If you want to get a lot more out of your jog you can also on your run pick up rubbish that you find along the way, helping nature and making you feel a lot better for doing so.
Can food be sustainable?
2pm - 3pm
Green seminar with Mike Hanson AKA Captain Planet, sustainability expert at award winning national caterers BaxterStorey.
Integrating sustainability into your teaching
3pm - 4:30pm
This teaching staff focused interactive session will explore how sustainability can be included in our teaching, regardless of the subject.

Thu 26th November

Instagram Live Nature Deep Dive!
2pm - 3pm
Join David Jackson on an exploration of our estate and its natural bounty. David is our Sustainability Project Officer and biodiversity expert and he will explain the importance of nature and natural systems.
For Your Future
5pm - 7pm
EcoTeam host an event thathears from past students about how we can define the future. This session will explore the journey of alumni who have gone on to work in the area of sustainability and give you inspiration to do the same.
Model United Nations: Climate Change Committee
7pm - 8:30pm
You will have the opportunity to represent a country's views on the global climate emergency and think on a global scale about how this issue can be resolved.

Fri 27th November

Tackling our waste
2pm - 3pm
This Green Seminar will provide you with the answers, and explores how we can find ways to reduce the amount of waste we generate, recycle more and contaminate less. WE can all recycle over well over 70% of the waste we generate – can you beat this?
Celebrate a Green Christmas this year!
3pm - 4pm
Here we will be introducing our initiative to encourage students and staff to have a greener Christmas. Participants will be encouraged to suggest and share ideas and also make things at the session.
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