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SUUG operates two exciting London venues that are used for bar evenings, comedy evenings, club nights and gigs and are also available for private hire.

Our venues are flexible to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a wedding or christening, a birthday celebration or anniversary, we have a party plan to fit the bill.

A comprehensive range of facilities and services are available in each venue. These include a fully stocked bar with a hardworking team of staff, DJ and sound and lighting and security.


Need something special?

We have the know-how to make your party that extra bit special. We can source balloons, casino tables, chocolate fountains and even a professional photographer.

You can provide your own food or our top notch chef can design a bespoke menu that fits your needs.


Want to know more?

It couldn’t be easier just fill out our online enquiry form and someone will be in touch shortly! Alternatively you can e-mail

If you are from an SUUG-approved student group (Team Greenwich or Societies@Greenwich) then you cannot book using this form. Please follow the instructions in the Group Leaders Handbook.



















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