Attainment Gap


The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) attainment gap is the difference between BAME and White students getting a ‘good degree’ (1st or 2:1). 

Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) believes that the attainment gap isn’t due to the academic ability of BAME students but due to the structural imbalances and systemic failures within Higher Education. There are certain barriers which have a greater impact on particular groups of students and limit their chances of success.

GSU believes that everyone should have the chance to benefit from Higher Education if they choose to. All students should have equal opportunities to succeed and progress, regardless of their background.

What action are GSU taking?

Listening to the voice of students

GSU want to hear from students to ensure their lived experiences are at the forefront of how the university addresses the attainment gap. 

Share your experience

GSU also facilitate consultation groups for BAME students to share their insights and experiences anonymously. 

Consultation Groups

Raising awareness of the attainment gap

GSU want to raise the awareness of the attainment gap and lobby the university to do more to address the attainment gap.

GSU held an exhibition to raise awareness of the BAME attainment gap and to let students know about the project and what is being done to address this issue. You can find the PDF version of the exhibition below!


Curriculum consultants

Curriculum consultants facilitate student outreach work such as facilitating consultation groups and general outreach through stalls.

Curriculum consultants can also provide consultations to staff to advise them on inclusive practices and give a student perspective on their current practices. The curriculum consultants can also review materials such as course handbooks, module guides, assessment instructions and online materials, as well as giving feedback to academics on how to develop materials for courses.

GSU are also here to share best practice regarding what academics and different departments are doing to address the attainment gap. We would love to hear what you are doing!

If you would like to book a consultation with a Curriculum Consultant, assess what you can do to address the attainment gap or simply find out more about the work of curriculum consultants and GSU in addressing the attainment gap please email

Please use the inclusivity checklist to assess the inclusivity of your programme before contacting the Curriculum Consultants. You can download the form below and send it back to 

Inclusivity Checklist

Find out what the University is doing to address the Attainment Gap

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