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Celebrating our students in 2024!

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Join us at the Activities Awards – celebrating the successes of our Societies and Sports clubs. Here we celebrate the achievements of all our Student Groups in their chosen field, as well as recognising the outstanding students who contribute to their successes.

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Outstanding Committee

The Outstanding Committee award is given to the GSU Student Group Committee that has collectively: 

  • Displayed high level of communication with GSU 
  • Great organisation
  • High levels of teamwork and cohesion within the committee 
  • A good working relationship and communication with their membership 
  • Been a part of the great running of the student group 
  • Acted professionally towards each other, staff and members 


Student Group Event of the Year

Student Group Event of the Year is awarded to the event that has demonstrated: 

  • Organisation that was well thought out due to high-level planning
  • Delivery of an engaging, innovative and sought-after event 
  • A successful marketing strategy alongisde the event
  • Utilisation of available resources to enhance the event offer 

Most Inclusive Group  

  • Gone above and beyond to make events accessible to all students
  • Has developed an all-welcoming culture within the spaces they run
  • Worked to reduce barriers to engagement  

Campaign of the Year  

  • Awarding to a group or individual that has produced the most impactful campaign 
  • Factors to consider are the scope and impact of the campaign 
  • Creativity in campaigning methods 


Sustainability Impact

The Sustainability Impact Award is given to an individual, club, or society that has made a positive impact on community and campus sustainability.  

This can be demonstrated by: 

  • Building awareness of sustainability on campus.  

  • Executing a green project with a lasting impact. 

  • Fundraising to support an environmental charity or cause. 

  • Building effective partnerships, within or beyond the university community, to find  

sustainable solutions. 


Club Development Award 

Club Development Award is awarded to the Club who have displayed strong aspects of: 

  • Inclusivity 
  • Progression 
  • Growth through the year (whether this be in members or the experience) 
  • Reaching members online 


Newcomer of the Year

This is awarded to the Team Greenwich newcomer who: 

  • Makes a significant impact in team performance
  • Displays a high level of engagement throughout the Club off the pitch
  • Shows dedication in all aspects of being a member of a Team Greenwich Sports club 


Outstanding Contribution to Sport 

This is awarded to a person who: 

  • Has gone over and above for their Club 
  • Has championed Team Greenwich and sport across the board 
  • Has been key to the development and improvement of Team Greenwich 


Club of the Year 

Club of the Year is awarded to the most successful Club across the year, consisting of many of the following: 

  • Performance  
  • Engagement 
  • Team spirit 
  • Membership 
  • Online engagement 
  • Committee Achievements  
  • Outreach 


Club Outreach Award 

Club Outreach Award is awarded to the Club deemed to have shown strong aspects of outreach which can include and is not limited to: 

  • Inclusivity 
  • Fundraising 
  • Collaboration either internally or externally 
  • Strengthened online presence to engage with the wider student community  


Team of the year   

Team of the year is awarded to a Team within a Club. Multiple teams from within the same Club can be nominated.

The Team of the year will be awarded to the individual team that has been the most successful (this could be measured in cup or league victories).


Sportsperson of the year    

Sportsperson of the Year is awarded to the player who has:  

  • Made an impact on the pitch with their performance (e.g. top goal scorer) 
  • Would be ‘Player of the Match’ in the majority of games or MVP
  • Stands out as being the best player on the pitch 


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Society Development  

Society Development is awarded to the Society who has: 

  • Grown and developed (member numbers or events/activities) 
  • Pushed for their Society to be bigger and better than previous years 
  • Developed their offer to members to help achieve their aims and objectives 


Outreach and Wider Influence 

Awarded to the Society that has shown exceptional influence through outreach by doing any of the following: 

  • Showed great commitment to charity fundraising throughout the year 
  • Not necessarily raised the most money, but remained the most dedicated to their cause(s) 
  • Shown commitment to one or many causes, through fundraising event(s) and activities 
  • Made connections beyond the University and Students’ Union 
  • Links with one or more external organisations that benefit the members of the Society 
  • Formed a valuable link with a sponsor, community group, charity, local organisation or Club/Society from another University 


Society Community 

Society Community is awarded to the Society that has:  

  • Come together and built a great community amongst their members 
  • A committee who has worked cohesively and who are committed to providing the best possible experience for their members 
  • Providing an inclusive environment for all students  
  • Replicated the same aspect of an inclusive community throughout all online spaces 


Best New Society

Best New Society is awarded to a Society: 

  • In their first year of existence 
  • That has made the best progress during their first year, including a commitment to engagement and offering something new to students 
  • That has gone above and beyond to make a good first impression for themselves 


Outstanding Contribution to Societies 

Outstanding Contribution to Societies is awarded to the person that:

  • Has gone above and beyond in service to their Society or Societies in general 
  • Has been a dedicated member of their Society and actively engaged with the Students’ Union to help improvement 
  • Has worked hard to champion the benefits of the student experience through Societies, for both themselves and students around them and future Greenwich students. 


Society of the Year 

Society of the Year is awarded to the Society that has:

  • Had the best run during the year, taking into account activity levels, engagement, involvement with the Union, and overall success and development of all members 
  • Achieved successes as a Society throughout the year, whether it be in terms of event success, member numbers, achieving awards/nominations etc. 
  • Actively sought to provide a platform both physically and digitally for members to engage  


Unsung Hero Award 

Unsung Hero Award is awarded to the individual who may not often be in the limelight, but their contribution to the Society has been vital and this deserves to be celebrated.  

This could be the person who always: 

  • Positively impacts the Society 
  • Who is not a committee member but is a reliable source who continually facilitates the improvement of the Society 
  • Actively looked to engage new members  
  • Actively engages in opportunities to benefit their group 



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