How To Join a Student Group

We know that at Uni a great way of meeting new people, gaining new skills and having fun is to get involved with the student groups we have here at SUUG. We have many clubs and societies on offer 

Any University of Greenwich student can join a sports club or society with the Students' Union,

You can view a full list of our Sports Teams and Societies that are available below.




Below sets out how you can join a Sports Team or Society .

 1. Online via each group's webpage (Card And Paypal)
2. At Students' Union reception in Cooper Building, Greenwich (Cash, and/or up to £50 of Aspire card funding)
3. At the Activities Helpdesk, next to the Village Shop on Southwood Site, Avery Hill (Cash, and/or up to £50 of Aspire card funding)
4. At Freshers Fairs (Cash And Card)
5. To Student Group Leaders (Cash)