Medway Students

If you study at Medway, you share the campus with University of Kent students. Together, these Universities have set up a partnership known as Greenwich & Kent Students' Unions together, or GK Unions for short. GK Unions exists as a representative body for students studying on Medway at both Kent and Greenwich universities. 

In addition to being supported by GK Unions, University of Greenwich students are also supported by their 'home' Union, Students' Union University of Greenwich. This means that as a Medway student, you can access the services of both GK Unions and SUUG. 

GK Unions provides an Advice Service, Societies, Sports Clubs, and activities, all on the Medway campus that all Medway students can access. 

The website for the partnership is now live and can be found at We are continually updating this so please check back regularly and let us know if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can contact the GK Unions team on 01634 888989 or visit them in the Pilkington Building on Medway Campus.

LATEST NEWS: New Student Hub for Medway Campus

The universities of Greenwich and Kent have announced plans for further investment in student facilities at the Medway campus.

Thenew Student Hub will Open in October. The purpose-built student centre, with entertainment and social space, will also include offices for GK Unions, the students’ union partnership at Medway between Kent Union and the Students’ Union University of Greenwich.

The views of students themselves have helped to shape the design of the new facilities, through surveys and a consultation process led by GK Unions working with Dannatt Johnson Architects.

Professor David Maguire, Vice-Chancellor, University of Greenwich, and Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent say: “This project represents a significant investment in the student experience at Medway and will provide new and additional facilities for the students’ union partnership. It will give a tremendous boost to the campus and become a huge asset to students at Medway for many years to come.”

Now a thriving centre for higher education, the Medway Campus is the centrepiece of the Universities at Medway partnership, involving Greenwich, Kent and Canterbury Christ Church universities. Other buildings to have been renovated on the campus include the Drill Hall Library, and the Pilkington Building, which opened to students in 2006 and 2007 respectively. All the key buildings on the site, including the old swimming pool, date back to the early 20th century when they were part of the HMS Pembroke Royal Navy barracks.

While the universities of Kent and Greenwich will fund and manage the proposed capital project, many of the new facilities will also be available to students of Canterbury Christ Church University.