We spoke to over 1,200 students, who told us:

1. The current structure was viewed by many not to be fit for purpose or they didn’t know it existed.

“ 67% of students felt they weren’t represented by the SU or didn’t know who their representatives are.”
120/178 responses during outreach activity

2. BME students (50% of the University demographic) felt a lack of representation in the current structure, with insufficient tools given to empower them to be the forefront of change here at Greenwich.

“I think the most important thing is BME students seeing themselves through representatives and others they can relate to on a personal level”
BAME Programme Rep

3. Overall, the data shows that the current priorities of the structure don’t work for you. You told us that you would like to be consulted from your course upwards, as this is your primary reason for being at University, and your main focus of your time at Greenwich.


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