What is the Big Choice?

Below is the ballot for the Big Choice referendum. You will have the opportunity to vote "yes", "no" or "abstain" on each of the four questions. 

The motions are the proposed resolutions in response to the Democracy Review research. They all aim to resolve key issues students raised through the research.

All proposals from the Democracy Review research were reviewed by Trustees, as well as a panel of self-selected student representatives.



Change our current full time officer roles to four full time open positions. All students run against each other, the four students with the most votes win.

Yes / No / Abstain

Students have direct influence over the priorities of the officers and the Union.

Yes / No / Abstain
Q3 Replace Part Time Officer’s with paid student researchers
Yes / No / Abstain
Q4 Replace Student Council with a Student Assembly focusing on enhancing the power of Academic Representatives
Yes / No / Abstain