Volleyball (Womens)


Who are we?

Welcome to The University of Greenwich Volleyball Club

Starting from this year, we are proud to announce that we will be splitting into Men's and Women's team. 

When and Where?

  • Training MONDAYS starting 30th September 

Men: 7-9pm                          Women: 9-11pm                      

  • Social Sessions THURSDAYS 7-8pm 

We will be rotating training slots throughout the terms

  • David Fussy Sports Hall Building, Southwood Site on the Avery Hill Campus. 

How to get there

  • Free University Shuttle Bus 
  • 286 from Greenwich to Queen's Mary Hospital - Stop at Avery Hill Southwood Site
  • the closest train station is New Eltham or Falconwood - 15min approx walk to campus. 

Who We Are?

Our club is one of the newest members of the SU. Its first season was 2017/2018, back then we didn't play competitively, our very first real game was Varsity 2018 against Team Medway.


Those who were in their first and second years when the club was founded, worked really hard to find a new coach and recruit players for the 2018/2019 season. The team played the LUSL (London universities sports league) as a Mixed team and managed to take home some victories as well. A big achievement for a team who had just started playing together and was just starting to get to know each other. Despite not winning the league, our hard work was recognized by winning the 2018/2019 Club Development award at the Sports Award.


The committee at the Avery Hill Welcome Fair - Sept. 2018


Sports Awards 2019

For this 2019/2020 season, the team decided it was ready to step up the bar further up and play with two teams; men and women.
As a part of our team, we want all our players to feel involved, included and to have fun playing volleyball! We also value each individual and we are very fortunate to have such a talented coach that sees potential in each and every one of us which allows us all to develop our skills.
The players and coach thought long about it and decided they were ready. Both teams know what they are capable of now and are ready to show it.


Are you ready to join us?


As we enter the BUCS league, the matches for both teams will take place on WEDNESDAYS. 

Afterward, we will be heading to Lower Deck or other venues for our weekly social! You can expect bevs bevs and more bevs, good music and games. 


Meet The Committee



See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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