Welcome to UoG Dragons! We offer a several open classes every week in contemporary, dancehall and commercial. Looking for a new challenge? Join one of our competitive teams!

Who are we?

Dance Team 

Welcome to UoG Dragons!

We have been the winners of the MOST INCLUSIVE SOCIETY 2017, highly commended for BEST NEW SOCIETY and BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR 2017. 

Shortlisted and Top 4 of Development of The Year 2020 




We offer our members three open classes per week (ballet, contemporary and commercial) and one comp team competing in Dancehall. All classes are taught by professional teachers who make our sessions as enjoyable as possible and inspire us by sharing their love of dance.




Competition Team 

Our comp team started September 2019- and WHAT an amazing first year it´s been! 


We performed at Marketing Societies Masquerade ball

And at Lower Deck


Went to Brussels for a weekend to attend to "Groove Dance Camp", where we competed and had tons of fun participating in dancehall workshops held by Dancehall´s professionals from Europe and Jamaica. 


Competed in a London University Competition at the beginning of March at Kingston University!


Although we love our to Dance at our dance studio at Avery, we also loove to dance on the dance floor- we host socials at various locations minimum 2 times a month. 



Our dancehall teacher- Margarida Penada, or Margo! WE LOVE U! Thank you for introducing us to Dancehall and being a huge inspiration for us. 

This lovely group put their love and commitment to this sports team, working hard every week! We are so excited to announce that all comp team members received their "Blues" at Sports Awards  2020. 




The policy at the University of Greenwich is that initiations are prohibited! However, we know that the 'stereotype' and reputation of sports groups at many Universities may blur this message, so we at dance just want to reiterate that we do NOT hold any form of initiations.

We believe every student should be able to choose to get involved and not get involved with whatever they feel comfortable with (you do you!) and that our student groups thrive when they are as inclusive and accessible as the diverse student population we are lucky to be a part of. That is why we are #ProudToBeInitiationFree

Time table 

To be confirmed.

The Committee

President - Felicia Dalen-Bark

Vice President and Tresurer - Sophie Ayling

Events and Social Secretary: Johanna Modin 

Social Media Secretary - Sean Tabak



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Find us on Instagram (uog_dance), Facebook: University of Greenwich Dance Team or email us:




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