American Football

Who are we?

Welcome to the University of Greenwich Mariners American Football team.

American Football is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, with more and more people engaging with the sport, either through watching or playing. This year the Greenwich Mariners have made additions to their already talented coaching staff, bringing even more experience to our team!

The new committee is devoted to bringing the team together as an extended family, this means more incredibly wild socials (we throw the biggest on campus!), and more community and campus engagement (through charity events, and bigger sponsorship deals)!

We have invested in new training and filming equipment, and with the vast majority of our players developing in the Brit Bowl Adult Leagues, we are hoping for a strong performance for the Mariners this season!

We will be attending the fresher’s fairs at Greenwich and Avery Hill, so come and see us to sign up to the team or chat about anything you want to know about university life! We have a variety of players studying many different courses; from Drama to Paramedic Science, Games Design and Management to Nursing, and Psychology to Maths. We certainly know our way around the campuses!

American Football needs players of all shapes and sizes, from gigantic offensive linemen to nimble wide receivers, so do not think you will not benefit from joining the sport! You will gain a new team, a new passion, a stress releaser, and most importantly; a new family.

Training will begin in September (Tuesday’s 6:30-9 and Sunday’s 11-3) which will lead up to our first game in November. If you'd like to learn a little more about American Football watch this really good explanatory video.

Make sure to like/follow our social media pages for important updates on the team’s progression pre-season! We look forward to training with you soon!


For further information on joining our team contact:

President - Billy Abbott (



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