I’m a Programme Rep

Okay! First thing’s first – congratulations and thanks for coming on board! Now, you may be asking yourself, “what have I gotten myself into?” – if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look through the Programme Rep Role Description – this will give you the basics of what being a Programme Rep means.

Now that you’re ready for the next level, check out the Academic Representation Guide below – this goes into more detail about how the Programme Rep structure fits within the Students’ Union and University and includes some additional resources.

So now you should be clued up as to your mission for the next academic year, which is excellent! This is the perfect foundation before attending the Programme Rep Training sessions in October. These sessions will help boost your skills and make you even more effective as an ambassador for students here at the University of Greenwich. There will be one training session for each Faculty, and at least one on each campus – but don’t worry, you can come to whichever one fits your schedule best. More training details to follow. 

Reporting Back

Don’t forget to keep your Students' Union up to date with all of your activities and information. Email reps@gre.ac.uk or Vice President Education, Vivian Van Lent so we can support you can help you succeed!