One of the ways your SU seeks to amplify your voice is through the Academic Reps Network (ARN). You may know that the University currently runs the election of 2 programme representatives at the beginning of the year. We ensure the election of 4 Faculty Officers for each faculty and provide training to them and the programme reps. Whenever you have feedback about your course or your teachers, the timetable, access to books or anything academic, the programme reps are the first point of contact and will be able to act on it.

the Future of ARN

We are developing a new brand and a new way of looking at our Academic Representation. In the 3rd Term we will have an online directory of all 1000 programme representatives and 16 Faculty Officers. We are also looking at further improving our training programme for all our academic reps. We have big plans for ARN and hope you'll watch this space over the next couple of months.

The nss

As we look to improve the opportunities available to you to speak your mind, have your say on and make a positive difference to the quality of your education here at Greenwich the NSS becomes a powerful tool.

We have already set out our thoughts on the NSS in the context of the current national debate in this article.

We encourage you to fill out the NSS as soon as possible. It is a great opportunity to ghive feedback and one the University takes very seriously. You will see us out and about on campus promoting this over the next couple of months.