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Sports Awards 2020

Sports Awards is where Team Greenwich comes together to celebrate club, team, and individual achievements in sport at Greenwich.

A wide range of awards are presented, including the coveted Club of the Year award, as well as celebrating those who will be graduating and have achieved Club Colours or Blues for their commitment and success during their time at Greenwich.

Winners 2020:


Club Outreach
Winner: Women's Football

Shortlisted: Rugby 

Newcomer of the year
Winner: Samuel Brown (Badminton)

Shortlisted: Abigail Judd (Hockey),
Chloe Fagg (Hockey),
Lilliana Reed (Women's Football),
Santah Chana (Hockey)

Club Development 
Winner: Badminton 

Shortlisted: American Football, 
Dance, Women's Basketball 

Sportsperson of the year
Winner: Rhys Theobald (Men's Football) 

Shortlisted: Billy Abbott (American Football),
Ellis Lunn (Women's Football),
James Hardy (American Football),
Roosmarjin van Klaveren (Hockey)

Team of the year
Men’s Football 1st

Shortlisted: Futsal, Men's Badminton,
Women's Football, Women's Volleyball

Outstanding Contribution to Sport
Winner: Tia Walby (Women's Football)

Shortlisted: Ben Stokes (American Football/Men’s Football), Billy Abbott (American Football), Emma Caney (Hockey), Guilia Terragni (Women’s Volleyball)

Club of the year
Winner: Men’s Football

Shortlisted: Badminton, Hockey, Women's Football