UNICEF on Campus

Today, by supporting Unicef, you can protect a child in danger – and you can make a safer world for children tomorrow.

Who are we?

UNICEF – United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

UNICEF on campus is the student run society that fundraises for the charity in its aim of providing immediate and long-term aid to children suffering in international countries. We, the society, meet once a fortnight to plan and prepare for a fundraising event which is both fun for those involved as well as enabling the members to build up transferable skills that they can use professionally.

What you gain:

Being an active member of this society you can gain key transferable skills such as communication skills, team work, events management and volunteering/people management. You can put this experience in your CV or use it to gain greenwich employability passport points. The society is also an opportunity to meet new people who you may have been otherwise as we are welcome to students from all courses. 

What you give:

Unicef UK has many works including their Rights Respecting Schools Award where they work with schools to create a safe and inspiring place to learn for children to thrive. Their Child Rights Partners programme transfroms and strengthens communities in places where children are vulnerable in order to help them feel safe and heard.

Outside of the UK, the charity works towards providing emergency aid such as food, clean water and medical care to help children continue their education. Furthermore, their aims include to provide :

- A  safe home, by campaigning to ensure governments keep refugee children safe 

- A happy and healthy start, by supplying vaccines to protect children against deadly diseases 

- A life without violence, in which they protect children from trafficking, violence and exploitation 

- A quality education, in which they work with communities and authorities to strengthen education systems


Some of the events we plan on doing in 2018/19 include:

- pub quiz

-Murder in the dark

-Kaoroke night 


We hope to have an enjoyable and successful fundraising year with you as a member and are always welcome to any new members throughout the year so if you would like to get involved please join one of our meetings throughout the year, join our Facebook group or send an email, we’ll more than happy to respond to any questions or enquires.





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