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Who are we?

Welcome to the University of Greenwich Mental Health Nursing Society!


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What’s the Society about?

The Society is run by mental health nursing students from different years who are passionate about what we’re learning. Being a mental health nursing student is tough, and the Society exists to support and inspire students to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally.

We provide a holistic network to provide peer support, compliment what we learn in lectures and practice, fundraise and raise awareness of mental health across the university. 

Membership is free! To join, email with your name, ID number and cohort, and you’ll be able to join conversations, get useful information, keep up-to-date, and find out about upcoming events.

We are here to help you with those questions you might not want to ask, or know who to ask! Our values are:

  • Care - we work with openness, honesty, respect and professionalism
  • Compassion - we offer support and help through sharing information, strengths, and understanding 
  • Commitment - we make the time and effort to be proactive and listen 
  • Courage - we help students have the confidence and support to be courageous
  • Communication - we provide a forum for open and honest dialogue whilst maintaining confidentiality and respect for others  
  • Competence - we provide advice on best practice and School of Health policies - such as those relating to Management of Concerns in Practice  and Safeguarding 


Who are we?

Behind the scenes, the Society is run by a committee. We have a shared ethos, which defines the way we work:

  • Care - we work together with openness, honesty, respect and professionalism
  • Compassion - we support each other through sharing roles, strengths and understanding
  • Commitment - we believe that the Society will help students, and know that this will involve our time and effort; we’re committed to make sure the Society continues after we have left
  • Courage - we will speak up about our strengths, concerns and be bold!
  • Communication - we communicate openly within the committee, are confidential, and have a clear external voice
  • Competence - we seek the support and expertise of the School and lecturers, and ensure any advice is in line with policies such as Safeguarding, and Management of Concerns in Practice


We are: Inesa Sinkeviciute (Chair), Kelly Rodrigues (Vice Chair), Natalie Frater, Natasha Smith, Primrose Chapendama, Temilade Sobanjo, Claire Suffling. 

We always welcome new people! If you’re interested in being involved, or coming along to a committee meeting, email


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