Greenwich International

Who are we?

Greenwich International Society is a society founded in December 2014 to bring together the many different international students that come to the University of Greenwich as well as connect them with students from the UK! Our goal is to not only learn more about each different culture, but also learn more about the culture from here in London! 

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Why Greenwich International?

It’s simple: because it’s fun! By becoming a member you give yourself a chance to learn new things about London, explore different cultures, go on a number of trips, attend events and, of course, make friends from all around the world!

This society is open to absolutely anyone from any part of the world! Whether you're from overseas or home, we'd love to have you in our society! We have many exciting things planned for this year and we really hope to see you all apart of this journey!

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There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.