CoppaFeel is a breast cancer awareness charity aimed at young people. We aim to get the nation checking their boobs on a regular basis!

Who are we?


What do we think of when we think of the twenty-something student? Maybe drinking, partying, travelling and studying if you're lucky. What do we not think of? Breast cancer. An unfortunate reality that faced the founder of CoppaFeel when she was just 23.

Doctors turned her away because she was young, but by the time it was finally diagnosed it was stage 4... there is no stage 5. After being diagnosed she decided enough was enough and she wanted to educate women, men and all young people on getting to know your boobs in order to detect cancer at an early stage. Yes, I said men too! Breast cancer doesn't just affect women it can affect men too. 

So what is CoppaFeel's aim? Our aim is to educate everyone on the importance of knowing your boobs.

Where does the Uni Boob Team come into this? Well, we are here to spread the message across where there are a lot of young people... University campuses. You won't see us chasing you down shaking buckets in your face however we are far more likely to be asking you when you last checked your boobs and how well you know your boobs, or you might see us dressed in giant boob costumes around campus, or maybe playing a game of boob ball. We are a proactive charity that aims to raise awareness as well as fundraising for our cause.  Below are a couple of examples of some of the events we, as a society, have held during the year last year


Reposted from our Instagram: @ubtgreenwich – the committee and volunteers last year took part in a three-legged walk    around Greenwich park to create more awareness and raise some money for   CoppaFeel! Events alike to this will also be held    in  the next academic   year, so please join to help us to spread the boob love!


Again, reposted from our Instagram – Second-year events management students bake sale in March 2018, to raise money for their event. Their event was to support and raise for Coppafeel. It was amazing to be involved in loads of events across the year, and we will be doing exactly the same next year!

There are also loads of more events that have taken place on our Instagram if you want to check it out!



Last year, we won the Outstanding Fundraising Award at the Societies & Volunteering Awards 2018. We couldn’t believe it and we are so grateful for all the people that helped us achieve this incredible award!

Committee 18/19

Due to the previous committee finishing their studies, a new committee has been chosen to run Greenwich UBT this upcoming year! 

President: Ione Haynes 

Vice President: Liza Aberkane

Events Co-Ordinator: Emma Tungatt 

Social Secretary: Angel Rose 

So sign up to the CoppaFeel society and help us out with spreading the word across campus and raising money for a great charity.  (P.S. its free to join too!) We will be needing a lot of help with different events across the year, and just generally sharing the Coppafeel message and encouraging people to check for the symptoms whilst having fun! 

Get in touch with us if you need to know more about joining us and we will always try and reply as soon as possible! 


Facebook: Greenwich Uni Boob Team

So much boob love and can't wait to meet all our new volunteers! 




See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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