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We are Become Students that Care (BSTC). We’re a student led society at Gre Uni. We campaign, fundraise and volunteer for children in care and young care leavers in support of the national charity.

Who are we?

Who are we? 

Student led society affiliated with the charity ‘Become’. Become students that care is launching this academic year (2018-2019). At Greenwich University we have the opportunity to bring ‘Become’ charity work to the uni and support them as much as possible and help campaign on a series of issues throughout the year. 

Possible events throughout the year: 

-Meet and greet (Early Oct) 

-Fundraiser in December & Care leavers Christmas dinner

-Bake sale for care day (March)

-Campus Campaign (March) 

-End of year fundraising (May/June)


Committee members: 

- President: Charley Shelley

-Vice President: Saarah Idomar

-Volunteer Manager: Joao Martins

-Events Manager: Duncan Husk

-Social Media:  Rahmat Ellam

-Advertising: Adam Sobratty

-Campaign Manager(s): Fahrida & Rachel Leslie.  



See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.