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Who are we?

After the 2008 financial crisis, the Queen wrote an open letter to economists asking why they neither had predicted the crash nor had the tools to analyse where things went wrong. The answer to that question is largely due to the uncontested dominance of neo-classiciscal economics over the last 50 years. Recently, the economics department at the University of Greenwich has established itself as one of the very few centres in the world to challenge this dominance and built up a vibrant pluralistic community.

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics and professionals building a better economics in society and the classroom. We want to create an inclusive space for open discussion and critical thinking on social, political and economic issues. We want to foster our intellectual development. We want to create connections between students interested in economics regardless of whether they just started their undergraduate studies or already finishing their PhD.

Moreover, we don’t believe that a formal education in economics is necessary to discuss economic issues and would warmly welcome anyone interested. Our plan for the upcoming academic year is to create a sociable and sustainable community.




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