Who are we?

Welcome to the offical ROUNDERS society!! 

The University of Greenwich Rounders Society is running for its 2nd consectivie year!! This is super exicting we and looking forward to the years ahead and meeting all of you!! Please sign up using the button (for free) to be added to our Rounders mailing list so you are able to recieve all the new and exciting things coming up! 

The Rounders society was set up as stress free, friendly, enjoy the outside (and sun!) and to keep fit after all the BUCS leagues are over! Its a great way to meet friends and other people whilst enjoying the fresh breeze, Greenwich and Avery greenery and playing some sport! 

Once the training days and dates are confirmed an email to go out to our mailing list and of course we will post everything on here for everyone to see!! So please keep your eyes peeled and keep checking this page!! 

We are very happy to announce we have a few brilliant events coming up so please keep an eye out for the information!


Whats a better way to spend an evening a week in a park, outside, playing rounders with friends in Summer 2019?! Nothing? Then we cant wait to meet you all!! 


See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.