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Who are we?


The Techno Music Society 


Here at the Techno Music Society we bring together those who have a passion for the sound and culture of Techno. Music is an art form and our aim is to bring the fun and passion from the music and channel it to all students here at The University Of Greeniwich. With the new SU opening next year in Greenwich and the opening of 'Dreadnought', it brings the perfect oppertunity for the Techno Music Society to make their stance and for Greenwich Uni students to get their groove on. 

So, what's happening?

- Monthly Socials 

- Introduction to mixing 

- Exploring different avenues of Techno (Old school/BoilerRoom/DrumCode/GroovyHouse/Etc.)

- Events at SU and London Venues 

- Discuss current and upcoming DJ's, Venues & Festivals 

- Sale of Rave & Festival tickets 



  • Tom Houseman - th8696g@greenwich.ac.uk - President 
  • Joe Coster - jc1030f@greenwich.ac.uk - President
  • Anthony Abbott - aa6468c@greenwich.ac.uk - Vice President / DJ                       
  • Carla Buhagiar - cb0136g@greenwich.ac.uk - Head of Marketing
  • Alex Conway - ac2105d@greenwhich.ac.uk - Social & Event Sec                
  • Roisin O'brien - Treasurer                               
  • Mia Blake - Photographer                        







See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.