Individual and Team Awards Winners 2022:


Professional Support Service
of the Year (Team):  Library Services

Shortlisted: Student Wellbeing Team, Research & Enterprise Training Institute


Professional Support Service
of the Year (Individual):  Louise Mayor

Shortlisted: Adarsh Anil, Lucy Smith


Equity Champion: Dr Namitasha Wallace Goring

Shortlisted: Dr Jing Bian, Yemi Onilude


Student Awards
Winners 2021:

Programme Representative of the Year

Business School: Begum Bektas

Shortlisted: Maria Mateu, Karina Kayumova

Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences:  Adedotun Adeyeye

Shortlisted: Alexandra Rodriguez, Lauren Foreman

Faculty of Engineering & Science:  Natali Yaqoob

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Lena Schmidt

Shortlisted: Andreia Sousa Fernandes, Emily Fisher


Best New Academic Society

Film & Photography


Best Academic Society


Shortlisted: Accounting, Doctoral Society


Officer Choice
Awards 2022: 

This exhibition showcases University staff - nominated by our Offcers - who have gone above and beyond in supporting and empowering students and championed equality and diversity in education.

Prof. Andrew King, Dr David Evans, Dr Elaine Williams, Dr Jeff Powell, Dr Jessica Simpson, Matthew Nadeau, Dr Mazia Yassim, Dr Melissa Pepper, Dr Michael Talbot, Dr Myrtle Emmanuel, Shapna Compton, Stephanie Robinson, and Tania Struetzel.

See the full exhibition here. 

The link opens a .pdf file you can view or download. 



Faculty Awards
Winners 2022:


Accessible Education Award

Business School:  Dr Gerhard Kristandl

Shortlisted: Kevin Williams, Dr Dawn Reilly, Andrew Woon

Faculty of Education, Health & Human SciencesYemi Onilude

Shortlisted: Dr Harry Chummun, Dr Yang Ye

Faculty of Engineering & Science: Amy Austin

Shortlisted: Dr Mohammed El Souri, Dr Georgia Sakellari 

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences:  Jerome Chan

Shortlisted: Dr Namitasha Wallace Goring, Dr Michael Fiddler, Dr John Morton


Dissertation, Research Project and Thesis Supervisor Award

Business School:  Dr Sterling Rauseo

Shortlisted: Dr Kim Bui, Jessica Templeton, Prof Liz Warren

Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences:  Dr Thomas Evans

Shortlisted: Dr John Crowley, Dr Thomas Evans, Diane Norton

Faculty of Engineering & Science: Aliyah Essop

Shortlisted: Dr John Ewer, Meena Afzali

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Dr Justine Baillie

Shortlisted: Dr Jing Bian, Prof Christopher Walshaw

Outstanding Personal Tutor Award


Business School:  Emma Connor

Shortlisted: Nevin Bayoumi-Stefanovic, Dr Sterling Rauseo

Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences: Seraphina Simmons-Bah

Shortlisted: Surinder Walia, Samina Qureshi

Faculty of Engineering & Science:  Dr Mohammed El Souri

Shortlisted: Nicholas Green, Amy Austin

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Dr John Morton

Shortlisted: Dr Emily Critchley, Dr Louise Hewitt


Outstanding Feedback Award

Business School: Dr Alberto Botta

Shortlisted: Dr Dawn Reilly, Dr Karen Brickman

Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences:  Surinder Walia

Shortlisted: Seraphina Simmons-Bah, Elizabeth Gale, Dr Oliver Robinson

Faculty of Engineering & Science: Amy Austin

Shortlisted: Deborah Sims, Dr Frances Hawkes

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Dr Jing Bian

Shortlisted: Jerome Chan, Sarah Kilbane


Postgraduate Research Supervisor

Business School:  Prof Andres Coca Stefaniak

Shortlisted: Dr Wenxian (Hetty) Sun

Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences:  Dr Paul Newton

Shortlisted: Dr John Foster, Diola Bijlhout

Faculty of Engineering & Science: Dr John Ewer

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Dr Jing Bian

Shortlisted: Prof Christopher Walshaw


Department of the Year

Business School: Human Resources & Organisational Behaviour

Shortlisted: Systems Management & Strategy, Economics  

Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences:  Midwifery

Shortlisted: Primary Education, Psychology

Faculty of Engineering & Science: Biomedical Sciences

Shortlisted: Computing & Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences: School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Shortlisted: School of Law & Criminology