Student Led Teaching Awards 2024

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The Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs) are now in their eighth year. The Awards are a student led celebration of teaching excellence and academic quality at the University of Greenwich. They celebrate the best experiences you have at university, whether that’s a great Personal Tutor, a wonderful experience of a support service, or a really engaged Programme Representative.

These awards acknowledge the excellent practice of lecturers and staff members within the University – those who demonstrate their commitment to delivering the best possible teaching and supervision to students, creating profound and positive educational experiences. They also champion students who volunteer their time to make sure that their peers have the best experience of university.

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Award Categories

The Student Led Teaching Awards are completely student-led to ensure authenticity for the recognition that staff members receive. This means that only students can nominate staff members, only students sit on the board that discuss the short-list staff awards, only students can vote for the winners of the staff awards and students assist and lead on organising and presenting the event.


We welcome the support from the University, and look forward to working with staff across all levels and departments to champion the Student Led Teaching Awards for years to come.



Staff Awards


Inspirational Teaching Award

(One winner per Faculty)

This award is for an expectational member of teaching staff who engaged students through their passion, expertise and knowledge of the programme. This staff member has made their content interesting, engaging and relevant to student which in turn has inspired and had a positive impact on student experience.


Outstanding Personal Tutor Award

(One winner per Faculty) 

Criteria: Does your Personal Tutor support you and understand the different challenges you and your fellow students face? Have they been available to help you and your fellow students with developing both academically and personally, giving extra effort to support your studies and welfare? This is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate the effort your personal tutor provides to support you. 


Accessible Education Award

(One winner per Faculty) 

Criteria: You can nominate an Academic staff member for this award. Nominations should include information about how the staff member has created high-quality hybrid teaching, implemented digital innovation techniques for learning and removed barriers to inequal accessibility. By using different styles of teaching and support, they have co-created with students and developed a future-thinking curriculum that is person-centred (despite locations and circumstances). They are engaging and deliver their teaching through a variety of techniques to support different learning styles. 


Postgraduate Research Supervisor of the year

(One winner per Faculty) 

Criteria: This academic staff member has invested significant time and energy into supporting your postgraduate research, offering broad industry knowledge and ensuring your welfare is a priority alongside your long-term research goals. This staff member is genuinely interested in your development and holds engaging supervisions to push your work to be industry-defining.


Outstanding Feedback Award

(One winner per Faculty)

Criteria: The academic staff who has gone/ goes above and beyond to give feedback regarding your work and academic experiences. This staff member has provided clear opportunity for growth, deeper understanding of your area of study, and has helped you to develop your work in both style and content.  


School of the Year

(One winner per Faculty)

Criteria: Collectively the staff and students have worked together to increase engagement, inclusivity and wellbeing of students whilst learning. This department has gone above and beyond for you and your fellow students. You have felt a sense of belonging to your department through events, study support, and an engagement with the student voice, which has improved your time at university.  


Dissertation, Research Project or Thesis Supervisor of the Year

(One winner per Faculty)

Criteria: Has your Supervisor been instrumental to your success in your project/dissertation/thesis, providing relevant industry knowledge and timely constructive feedback? This award is for those Supervisors that go above and beyond to promote a brilliant student experience and be an excellent point of call for you. This Supervisor is approachable, accessible and proactive in offering help and support for you and has lifted your work to the next level. 


Best Supportive Administration Team and Person of the Year

(Team and Individual)

Criteria: Is there a team or individual with the Student Support Services that is not an academic staff who, were it not for them, you wouldn’t be where you are right now? Has a member of staff gone above and beyond to ensure you received the best possible student experience? This team or individual could include members from: Wellbeing Team, Student Registration, Administrative Services, Accommodation, Facilities Management, Research and Enterprise Training Institute, Library services, or any other University team that impacts your experience.   


Inclusion Champion

(One overall winner)

Criteria: A staff member who has worked tirelessly for all student equity, diversity and inclusion. This staff member is being recognised for their significant contributions to inclusiveness and advancing the University and SU’s vision for equity, social justice and decolonised education. This staff member has been actively campaigning for equity, pushing for greater opportunities to break down barriers to education, and lobbying for change at Greenwich.


Previous Winners

Discover our winners from previous years of the Student Led Teaching Awards.

Student Awards


School Networking Officer of the Year

(One winner overall)

This student has fulfilled their role as a School Networking Officer by successfully representing their peers, Programme reps, championing the student voice throughout their programme, department, and school. They have attended meetings with GSU and the University to provide clear and constructive feedback and have made an outstanding effort to communicate, engage and consult with their peers to represent a diverse and inclusive student opinion.


Programme Representative of the year

(One winner per Faculty)

Criteria: This student has fulfilled their role as a Programme Representative by successfully representing their peers, and championing the student voice throughout their programme, department, and school. They have attended meetings with GSU and the University to provide clear and constructive feedback and have made an outstanding effort to communicate, engage and consult with their peers to represent a diverse and inclusive student opinion. 

Only currently elected Programme Representatives are eligible for this award. 


Best New Academic Society

(One overall winner)

Criteria: This Academic Society started from September 2021 and has created a strong community, engaged with the GSU and University and, provided inclusive events for its members. This society has fostered a sense of belonging and developed you to become your best self. 


Academic Society of the year

(One overall winner)

Criteria: This academic student group has made an outstanding contribution to their programme/field of study in the way of providing a social and academic hub for their members. They have actively involved themselves in the Students’ Union, engaged with students within their academic community, and worked alongside university staff. The Society has provided skills, practical experiences, and helped you build professional networks to benefit you in the future while providing a community alongside your studies.