Ulrika Turner

Ulrika tells us why she is #ProudToBeGRE. 

Celebrating Black students, we talked to Ulrika who is half-Zimbabwe and Half-Scottish.

What do you study at the University of Greenwich?

I am in the first year of my Economics degree.

What attracted you to the University of Greenwich?

The University is in a central location, where there is a lot of Museums, culture and diverse markets and Greenwich being in the centre, attracted me to the uni. Also, the staff were friendly at the open days, very conversational, it didn't feel too formal.

What makes you Proud to be GRE?

The recent Nobel Peace Prize has been won from this university, I am proud to be enrolled in this university, as it makes me think maybe one day I can do that. Also, the lectures cover other culture influences other than just the UK. There are many Societies and Sports clubs to get involved in, including going out for meals, the uni life is very inclusive.


What are you proud of being a BME student?

I think representing my family, as I am the first generation born in the UK going to university, there are many responsibilities, but I am proud to be the first and there is a lot of love and support. Also from ACS Societies and meeting people in the same situation.

Do you have any advice for new students starting?

If you feel like doing something, don't worry about how it looks to other people, because this is your student life, follow every whim and just do it. That's how you get the most experience.

What opportunities has The University of Greenwich given to you?

First the opportunity to meet people, like myself because I came from a school mostly caucasian background it was hard to embrace my culture there, but at university, there is so much diversity, and everyone celebrates their culture.