Shalmali Jadhav

A few months ago Shalmali took the biggest decision of her life to move countries from Maharshtra, India.

Shalmali is an MBA International Business student who always dreamed of studying abroad, and when she came to Greenwich, she made her dream come true.

Are you part of any Societies?

Yes, I’m the Treasurer of Indian Society at Greenwich. One of the reasons, I became a part of this Society was to network and it led me to being a Treasurer in just two months of being here!

Moving countries is not easy at all, and sometimes the journey can get lonely if you don’t have any relatives or friends here.

So, that was one of the challenges for me. But joining Societies and attending various social events is the solution to it. By doing this, you network as well as make some good friendships.  

How else are you involved in the Greenwich community?

I have been a part of Greenwich Students’ Union since day one and I love everything about being here.

I do work at GSU. I’m a Global Greenwich Ambassador and a Liberation Organiser at GSU.

As a Global Ambassador, I help international students deal with general queries once they arrive here. As a Liberation Organiser, I make sure everyone at the campus no matter who they are or where they come from are represented with equal opportunities.

I have also been a part of various campaigns by GSU, interviews and other stuff. GSU has recently launched the Become your Best Plan 2026, go through it and you’ll see my face there.  

What attracted you to Greenwich?

University of Greenwich (UoG) was my first choice because of its diversity. I see students from around the globe, different ethnicities, speaking different languages.  

Another reason was amazing and supportive Faculty that go to an extra mile to make sure the concepts are clear, and we get the best of knowledge. Amazing events and Societies were also an important reason. Those who know me know that I’m an extra-curricular person. I love participating in events, talk to a lot of people and this was important for me to choose a university that has it all and Greenwich really does have it all.  

And of course, how can I forget about the beautiful campus. Do I even talk about UoG if I don’t mention how beautiful our campus is? The open, green, and refreshing campus with an amazing riverside is a dream come true for every student studying here.  

What makes you Proud to be GRE?

I always dreamed of studying abroad and Greenwich made my dream come true.

I have been able to explore more, get to know myself more and overall make a living for myself here. UoG has opened doors of opportunities for me and though I cannot catch em’ all, I’m sure I’ll make most of what I already have in hand.

Greenwich has given me some friends and some good friends that I would want to keep for my life. So, thank you 'GRE' for all that feeling of belonging, for all the opportunities, for an amazing network and thank you for all the love! 

Do you have any advice for any new students starting?

I wouldn’t say advice but there are a few suggestions for new starters. Please make sure you book your accommodation in advance. It is very important to have a roof on your head before you land here. University does provide some good options.  

Another thing would be to socialise as much as you can when you come here. It might feel lonely initially with new country, new culture, different people. But make sure you participate in events, socials to make new friends.  

What are your future goals?

I would like to say the quote that I stick to. It goes like “Don’t just work in order to be successful, work in order to leave that damn legacy behind.” This quote has always inspired me to work not only for money but to create an impact. I wish to leave that impact behind. 

What is your favourite thing about GSU?

The best part about GSU is the fun activities and events that they organise. I’m sure all students will say the same thing because it is very important to refresh yourself from all the study and workload and these activities help us do that. Another good thing about GSU is all the GSU officers. They are always so cheerful, smiling and go to an extra mile always to help students. I would say that they bring life to the Union.  


picture of Shalmali