Ayesha Lahai-Taylor

Ayeha’s a commuter student from South East London. She’s not only #ProudToBeGRE but also to be part of a community that support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students.

Ayesha’s profile is part of our #ProudToBeGRE series highlighting Black students. Ayesha’s heritage is Black British with Nigerian and Sierra Leone decent.

What do you study at the University of Greenwich?

I am in my 2nd year studying Politics and International Relations. I also participate in consultancy discussions and portfolio reviews of Faculties.

What attracted you to the University of Greenwich?

For me, the scenery played an important part in studying, the grounds are absolutely beautiful, the location is also convenient for myself, as I am based in South East London.

What makes you Proud to be GRE?

The efforts being implemented within the University and the Union and the Faculty liaising with students. The staff and student recognition exceeds your expectations.


What are you proud of being a BME student?

I feel this is an important time to get our voices heard, the Students’ Union are making large efforts to promote Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students, for an example Black History Month (BHM) so far has gone above and beyond. They have held talks and created opportunities for people to network and create opportunities.

Do you have any advice for new students starting?

I would highly recommend they enjoy Freshers week, join Societies and attend meet and greets, attend events organised by Faculties across the board. It is important to network and utilise this platform to its best.

What opportunities has The University of Greenwich given to you?

I've been invited to events, award ceremonies, discussions, where I can network and the networking here is really good, my voice can be heard while participating in discussions whilst I’m learning about other issues, while in the University. Make an effort to find your passion, you won't know until you try, just make effort and dive into any opportunities, utilise the platform this University has.