Angela Giusto

Meet Angela. A mature student here at the University of Greenwich. 

As part of Black History Month 2019, we talked to a few different BME students to find out what life is actually like as a BME student. Angela's unique story explains why she is #ProudToBeGRE. Angela's message for other BME students is: 'Be yourself and don't be afraid of showing your background.'

What do you study at the University of Greenwich?

I am a mature second-year student of Languages and International Relations, I am also a Student Rep for my course.

What attracted you to the University of Greenwich?

I moved to London to enhance my skills, I was astonished by the buildings and the scenery. Also, the course and modules that were taught at this campus attracted me to the university.

What makes you Proud to be GRE?

Being from Italy and Cape Verde, the first thing I noticed was diversity, lots of different people from different backgrounds and a variety of ages, compared to Italy where I was one of only a few Black or even diverse students at school. I am proud to be here because it feels like one small universe and the students are from all over the world, all the different backgrounds which shapes the way students approach student life here.

What are you proud of being a BME student?

I am mixed race so I am proud to embrace both of my cultures, while in Italy I was seen as the black one and here I am seen as Italian. I am half Cape Verde and Italian, I am proud to be me, and not afraid to embrace my cultural background.

Do you have any advice for new students starting?

Don't be shy to speak to your fellow students or who you meet on the campus, you are going to have interesting conversations just by a simple “hello”.

Plan in advance and keep a track on whatever you have to do.

What opportunities has The University of Greenwich given to you?

I have done many extracurricular activities, in terms of attending talks and workshops and I joined the mentoring programme, which I really enjoyed. I highly recommend students to go to these activities because there is something that may enrich them more than their course or lectures.