Ethical Hackers

Myranda Rose - President , Joe Bond - Vice President

Who are we?

The Ethical Hacking C-Safe society is a place where anyone that is interested in the field of hacking can meet, discuss and demonstrate their knowledge in a social and safe environment. Students from all university courses and hacking skill levels, from professionals to first timers, are welcome with the aim of a dynamic sharing of information and techniques. Paramount to the societies interests is the teaching of what 'Hacking', as both an activity and a culture, is and how people can be actively involved. 

Our society has regular talks from industry professionals in all different aspects of computer/network/cyber security in order for our members to get a better understanding of how their interests are used in modern day systems. Hacking activities such as hacking games (Capture the flag) and tutorials are also planned for the next academic year so that the skills of our members can be applied in a secure and entertaining way. All of our activities are conducted with the co-operation and supervision of the Universities forensics department in order to ensure the safety of all our members. 

Above all, the Ethical Hackers society is a place where all those interested in the field of Hacking can gather together in a social environment and have a free exchange of ideas and skills. If you have ever been interested in hacking and want to know how it works or are an individual with some skills and want to find others with a similar interest, our society is for you. 

List of Committee Members:

Myranda Rose - President
Joe Bond - Vice President
Magdalena Kaskow- Secretary
Anais Hristea - Hackathon Organiser
Dennis Ivory - Technical Advisor

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