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Welcome to the University of Greenwich Adult Nursing Society!

Your society council:

Leanne Jones 3rd year - President  

Emma Hughes 3rd year - Secretary


If you want to make a change to Adult Nursing at Greenwich the Adult Nursing Society is the way to do that! The society is run by adult nursing students who want to bring adult nursing students together. As you are aware adult nursing is tough, academically, physically and mentally; so our aim as a society is to make things a little easier for you, whilst also offering some social time to spend with your colleagues. 

Overall the society is there for our benefit, it is run by students for us students, so we want to hear what you want from your society, how can we improve your time at Greenwich whilst giving you the opportunity to meet new people, please get in touch if you have any questions. Bellow are our aims and how you can benefit from joining the society.


Our aims: 

  1. To bring adult nursing students together to share experiences, information and current best practice. 
  2. To offer students the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, to attend conferences and hearings.
  3. To offer students the opportunity to develop their academic skills with arranged professionals.
  4. To support students from both Avery Hill and Medway of all cohorts.
  5. Most importantly represent the service and careers we love by uniting as one and when appropriate demonstrating against government action. 


As part of the society of adult nursing you will also have the opportunity to be invited to sports events, games nights, socials and of course the annual student union tour. 

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