Tara Brandt

Postgraduate and Part-time Students Officer



Three facts about me
  1. I can play the bassoon
  2. I have travelled to 33 countries
  3. I speak fluent Pig Latin (gibberish) and proficient German
My top three priorities for the year
  1. Bridge the gap between the University and Postgraduate/Part-time Students and serve as a conduit for open contact, consultation, and communication. Don’t know how to navigate the labyrinth of academic bureaucracy and are unsure where to turn? Allow me to be your guide!
  2. Ensure that ALL student voices are heard and see that real student issues become a matter of real university concern. I come from a colourful background and my interests/concerns range far beyond that of just academia. Got a personal problem? Meet your newest confidante and crusader!
  3. Maintain an official Facebook page — not only useful and informative for relevant updates, but also an intimate space where postgraduate/part-time students can connect through a shared platform. From this, I hope to maximise social engagement and stimulate activity within the University of Greenwich community!