Bilal Ijaz

Greenwich Students' Union President

You'll be able to keep in touch with Bilal on his social media and email this year.

  0208 331 9258

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Hi, I’m Bilal Ijaz and GSU President for the year 2020-21.


What did you study and on what campus?

I studied Accounting and Finance which is based on the Greenwich campus. I lived in Avery Hill (Cleves) for two years and then moved to McMillan Student Village Greenwich for my final year.


Why did you get involved with the SU?

Being involved in the Students’ Union means a lot to me as it has changed my mind towards everything the University has to offer.

The Students’ Union is an important part of student life and being an international student, I was exposed to a completely new system and culture but being involved in the Students’ Union has allowed me to interact with new people and learn something new every day. Volunteering activities also allowed me to gain skills and opportunities, but the majority of it is fun.

I was also previously your International Student Officer for the year 2017/18 and 2018/19 (a role that no longer exists).


What’s your fun fact?

I was born in Pakistan (Asia) but I’m still unable to cook curry which could be presentable in any way.

I will be working on making our International students feel like home at Greenwich and GSU. For me, this would be an increase in International students engaging and benefiting from Union Services making their experience the best at Greenwich. I'll also ensure everything goes very nicely.