Freya Cray

ACH Faculty Officer


Three facts about me
  1. As well as being a Faculty Officer for ACH, I am the president of MathSoc for this upcoming academic year.
  2. I am a huge fan of musical theatre and I sing literally all the time. For quite a few musicals, I can actually sit for the full two hour soundtrack and sing all the parts!
  3. I went to two different schools for my secondary and sixth form education and I won the 'Best Laugh Award' from both of these schools at the end of Year 11 and Year 13.
My top three priorities for the year
  1. Engage with students from different subject areas in the same way I have done as a Programme Rep this year in Mathematics to listen to their views and pass this on to higher members within the officer team.
  2. Gain better access to resources for the faculty to enrich students' academic experience.
  3. Help improve the library by asking for the Basement level to be a social area (as Ground is currently) as well as asking students about how they would feel if the library had longer hours.