Abdul Ahad

Greenwich Students' Union Officer

You'll be able to keep in touch with Abdul on his social media and email this year.



Pronouns: He/Him

What type of student are you? 

Greenwich-based, Business Computing

I am the key support Officer for: 
Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences, Assessment and Students of Faith 

Hi, I’m Abdul, (the guy with the nice beard). My aim is simply to make university life more pleasant and enjoyable so I’d love to get to know what you guys need and want. Feel free to come find me in Dreadnought, drop an email or even message me on social media!

I was a third-year Business Computing student (I tell everyone I studied Computing though). I decided to run for GSU Officer as I believe there needs to be several changes made in our University. Of course we attend for our education but it's also important that we enjoy ourseleves, make useful friendships, connections and make sure our voices are heard. The changes I want to make range from the social aspects of our university lives to our mental and physical wellbeing.

My focuses are:

Supporting Your Societies & Events

Your Mental and Physical Health

Racial Equality and Diversity

Three words to describe me: laidback, friendly, ambitious.

Our cultural diversity makes me #ProudToBeGRE but there is room for improvement.


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