Graduation Reception 2018

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On Tuesday 17th July, the University held its annual Graduation Reception to celebrate the remarkable talents and research of Greenwich students.

Students and staff were in attendance to see some of the work produced through the Faculties this year, as well as celebrate achievements with University Student and Staff Awards.

The awards featured nominees who are active in the Union as student staff and/or volunteers. There were three awards up for grabs, Student of the Year, Staff Member of the Year and Alumni of the Year.

The three students nominated for Student of the Year were:

  • Anja Rajak, a Postgraduate in Accounting and Finance.

  • Shóyemí Pépèr-Hadé Shóyemí who was BAME Officer at the Students’ Union for 2017/18, a member of NUS Black Students committee and also an Undergraduate in Mathematics.

  • And the winner, Conor McAdden, Chair of University of Greenwich Mens Rugby and an Undergraduate in Accounting and Finance. Connor is also one of our student staff members, working at Greenwich and Avery Hill.

The nominations Alumni of the Year featured:

  • Mete Coban, who is the CEO of My Life My Say which is an influential youth-led movement aiming to secure a better Brexit for young people. Mete worked with Alumni and the Union to run a Brexit Cafe event at the Union earlier in the year that engaged with students about Brexit.

  • Adelle Stripe an author and poet whose debut novel Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile won the Society of Authors K Blundell Award.

  • Jason Turner, the chair of the University Sports Strategy Board since 2016. He has a central role in raising student participation in extracurricular sport and works with the Union via the Sports Strategy Board.

  • And the winner, Emily George, who was also part of our student staff team. She directed and edited the documentary film The Whale Bowl (Lolita’s Story) as a third year at Greenwich. This film was shortlisted for a BAFTA Student Film Award.

We’re very proud and thankful to the winners and nominees for their contributions to the Union. They and all of our members make us very #ProudtobeGRE. Well done everyone!


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