Your feedback at Student Assembly

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Officers in front of the University building

Our latest Student Assembly took place last Wednesday 3rd February online. Student Assembly is the place where any student can attend, submit ideas for the Officers, Representatives and the wider Union should be working on, and then vote on those ideas to be embedded into work of the Students' Union.

This month's Assembly saw a theme of suggestion and discussions about the folloing topics:
- University Fees
- University and Union Support Services
- GSU Communication for Events

Students now have until Wednesday 17th February at 5pm to feedback on what was discussed by completing the following form: Actions to vote on.

These are the questions that students will be asked to vote Yes, No or Abstain to:
- Do you think GSU should lobby for partial refunds of tuition fees to students who have not received an in-person University experience, where appropriate?
- Do you think GSU should raise to the University the differing level of up-to-date content being used for University courses and the need for improvements?
- Do you think GSU should raise with the University the issue of disparity of financial support available for International Students compared to Home Students?
- Do you think GSU should raise with the University the need for more staff in the University Support Services departments to help with supporting students on the front line and in forward-facing roles?

You can read the full rundown from the meeting on our website at

Attending and participating in the Student Assembly is open to all students. Any student can also submit an agenda item to be discussed at the meeting. The next one is on Thursday 25th March.

You can find out more about Assembly and see  previous minutes at


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Officers in front of the University building

Your feedback at Student Assembly

Our latest Student Assembly took place last Wednesday 3rd February online discussing fees, support services and GSU events. You can now vote on the actions we take next.

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