Your experiences with timetabling and online teaching - update

Yesterday, we met with senior University representatives to address your feedback, and get an update on when issues will be resolved.

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Officers on Greenwich campus

Yesterday, we met with senior University representatives to address your feedback regarding timetabling issues and online teaching delivery that you have shared with us over the last week. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us to raise these concerns, issues and share your stories.

Based on your feedback, we have secured a commitment from the University to resolve issues surrounding timetabling by next week (w/c 4th October), meaning all Greenwich students should receive their complete timetables by then.

We will continue to liaise and work with University colleagues directly, to ensure this commitment is fulfilled and timetabling issues resolved by the agreed timeline. Should this not be the case for you, please reach out to us over email, social media, or use the University’s official complaints procedure:

If you’re an International student and have not been able to come to the UK yet, please don’t worry: the University’s deadline to arrive in the UK to attend face-to-face lectures is 8th October. Should you have to quarantine when you arrive in the UK, the deadline is extended until 19th October. If this is the case for you, please contact your Programme Leader. Please refer to this page for further questions:

Our Advice Service can help you should you need further support – contact them at

It is important to continue to check your University emails over the next few weeks for direct communication relevant to your Programme and Faculty.

We would like to thank all students for sharing their experiences with us so we can address these issues. Your patience and understanding of the situation have not gone unnoticed. We have a commitment with the University to undertake a thorough review of Term 1 timetabling so we can avoid and effectively address future issues, and your studies are not disrupted like this again.

If there is anything we can do to help you until these issues are resolved to your satisfaction, please let us know.

Aatika Ayoub, Nele Leitolf, Zoe Campbell, Yasinur Jabed

Your Officer Team 2021/22


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