Your Officers' campaigns for 2023/24

See what the Officers will be working on for you this academic year.


Your Officer Team has started work on their campaigns and projects for the year, all intending to make your university experience better. Their campaigns and aims are all listed below...we'll update you throughout the academic year with progress on each one!

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Anuj, GSU President

Safety and Security on Campus
By February 2024, the University will have more active CCTV and security staff members and will work closely with local law enforcement agencies to leverage their expertise and resources, ensuring seamless cooperation during emergencies to ensure our students feel completely safe while at the university across all campuses. 

University Advice for International Students 
By January 2024, the University's international advisers’ team will have weekly drop-in sessions, occurring once or twice a week. These sessions will provide international students with the opportunity to have one-on-one consultations with the highly trained advice team regarding their Visa-related queries.

Working Hours Campaign 
By June 2024, I will have worked with other Students’ Unions across the UK to establish a campaign to increase the number of hours students on Student Visas can work.

Removing Hidden Costs 
By June 2024, the University will establish a comprehensive policy that ensures students have access to free printing services on campus, with consideration for sustainability limits. 

Wellbeing Centred Extenuating Circumstances
By June 2024, the university will have a self-certification (EC) policy that guarantees that students' well-being is taken care of at the University.



Aminul, GSU Officer

Support for Medway Students 
By the end of academic year, there will be a drop-in session every two weeks in The Hub, Medway, for students to have their say. 

Reducing Loneliness on Campuses
I will develop peer support programs within the Societies, where senior students can volunteer to provide guidance and support to newcomers. 

Advice for International Students
By the end of the academic year, I will have run six international advice workshops to help students better overcome challenges and thrive at Greenwich.

Cutting the Medway Bus Fare
By June 2024, I will have convinced the University to reduce the Medway Bus Fare.



Laziz, GSU Officer

Business School Employability
By April 2024 Business School will start hosting at least two employability events by inviting external companies to do presentations about the Business Industry

Supporting Disabled Students
By April 2024 Disabled students will have ablution facilities in all three campuses, and I will ensure to host at least three events like coffee mornings with Disabled students to foster inclusivity. 

Spaces for Students of Faith
By June 2024 every faith space throughout all three campuses will meet the needs of students of faith.

Getting Employment Experience
By March 2024 students will be able to access the freelancing platform Freelance Hub and work on various projects that are related to their subject. 

Sustainable Transport
By March 2024 a bike rental scheme will be introduced in the Greenwich campus to foster sustainability and to help students save money for travel during the cost-of-living crisis. 



Sodiq, GSU Officer

Supporting Students of Colour
By the end of the academic year, I will have established a process for students of colour to feed into the university's work on the BAME awarding gap. I will also host two ‘speak up’ sessions across the year for students of colour.

Food diversification
I will diversify the food menu in University and GSU outlets to accommodate diverse cultures and religious requirements. 

Supporting Research Students 
I will lobby for PhD Research Spaces on all three campuses, and host research drop-ins to foster a sense of community. 

Promoting Student Wellbeing
I will host the ‘Running with a GSU Officer’ programme to promote physical activity, help students socialise and provide resources for stress management. 



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