You decide the next Vice Chancellor

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As a collective voice, you as students have a huge amount of power. You choose who runs your Students’ Union every year, who runs your Sports Clubs and Societies and now you can shape the recruitment of the new Vice-Chancellor of the University.

The University of Greenwich is actively asking for you to decide what type of person is recruited for the role and what they should prioritise.

Since October 2018, your SU has been working with you to determine the priorities of the Students’ Union. The key areas were: academic change (assessment guidance, personal tutor support and timetabling), support to me (mental health, employability and careers, liberation and diversity), opportunities (volunteering, social events and student groups) and campus priorities specific to Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway (halls support, social spaces and improved commercial outlets).

To achieve these for you, GSU believes that we need a new Vice-Chancellor who shares the same vision as students. The survey includes a lot of jargon, so we’re helping you to fill it out based on the priorities you care about (question 2 on the survey).

If you care about a priority mark it as 5 on the survey as ‘very high priority’. We’ll also decode what it might mean for you below the priority. We have picked 5 key priorities.

Top Priority:

Ensuring a positive relationship with the Students’ Union

Decoded: This will ensure that the new VC will be listening to students views and ensure we can make an impact for you.

Academic change

Priority: Developing academic links and partnerships

Decoded: We can highlight that students want the University to improve rep engagement and feedback with academics as a partnership with your Union.

Support to me

Priority: We couldn’t see a priority listed that matched what you wanted, so fill out the question ‘Please indicate any other priorities not listed above which you think are important:’ and paste the following:

Mental health and wellbeing, liberation and network development, diversity recognition and celebration and stress-relief event and facilities


Priority: Improving the student experience and student satisfaction

Decoded: This is likely to be a cover all question, student we can argue that this will relate to socialisation and integration.

Campus Priorities

Priority: Improving the University’s estate and facilities

Decoded: We’ll argue this is related to improving support in halls, disability access, dome space investment, buses and social activities.


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