Update about BUCS sports fixtures (updated 30.03.20)

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Due to the ongoing and developing situation in relation to Covid-19, BUCS have been following the actions of its members in response to this complex and difficult situation.

The wellbeing of students, staff, volunteers and officials competing in BUCS Competition is of the utmost importance to them and as such, them have taken the decision to suspend the commencement of any BUCS activity, both sporting and non-sporting, from 23.59hrs on Tuesday 17 March 2020, this will carry on for the duration of the season and they have made the further decision to cancel the upcoming cricket season.


  1. Overall BUCS points for the 19/20 year are void and will not stand for this season
  2. Promotion/Relegation – These will only go ahead if there can be a straight swap into the league above or below (BUCS will keep all individual teams in questions updated)
  3. League Positions – These will stand as of the position each team held on 18/03
  4. Team Entries – These will now open on 15/04 and close on the 20/05

See their full statement online at https://www.bucs.org.uk/update-covid-19-coronavirus.html.


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