Two new beers have set sail in Lower Deck this season.

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Lower Deck has supplied us with an early present this year. They have introduced two new beers on draught. They are the iconic Irish classic Guinness Draught and also their Hop House 13 Lager and they are only £4 per pint. 

Guinness Draught was developed in 1959 and had been much loved by people all over the world ever since. It is a rich and velvety drink that is often described as having coffee and malty undertones. This drink has a smooth and creamy texture, making it go down an absolute treat on a cold winter's day. The Guinness brewers were the first people to introduce the enticing combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide into draft beer and this is how they have created that perfect Guinness blend.

Hop House 13 Lager is also a member of the Guinness brand although is nothing like the deep dark colour and flavours of the original Guinness. Hop House 13 was introduced into the Guinness brand in the early 1990s. Hop House 13 has kept the slight malty flavour that is so notorious to Guinness, it is a full-flavoured lager, having a more of a fresh and hoppy aroma with undertones of apricot and peach. The refreshing taste and golden colour make it a perfect lager for beer lovers. 

So bring yourself and your friends down to Lower Deck enjoy our new beers. 


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Two new beers have set sail in Lower Deck this season.

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