The Sanctuary Scholarship launches

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The University of Greenwich has announced a new scholarship for offer holders seeking asylum or with refugee status in the United Kingdom.

The scholarship is titled The Sanctuary Scholarship and covered tuition and accommodation costs, as well as a maintenance grant of £5,000.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Papa says: 'It was a long journey, made of over 600 signatures, uncountable amount of meetings, 100 people attending the Refugee integration Conference and 1 final proposal.'

The announcement comes in Papa's final week working at Greenwich Students' Union.

He continues: 'Greenwich Students' Union would like to thank every single of one of you that helped us to make the university a more accessible institution for asylum seekers and all the refugees from all over the world.

It has been an honour be your last Vice President Education and I would like to say goodbye with this last achievement for this year filled up with successes, great memories and so much passion. The next team is so amazing, competent and passionate and I am looking forward to see all the incredible improvements they will put in place for the students at Greenwich.'

There is one available scholarship and it will be open to either an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

Applications are now open. For full details, please check the University website here


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