Swap your milk for free at Lower Deck

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As you all know you can treat yourself to a nice warm drink at Lower Deck to keep yourself toasty during these sub-zero temperatures!

But we know that not everyone is able to or wants to drink the semi-skimmed cows' milk that is used in standard tea, coffees and hot chocolates. To combat this Lower Deck has introduced a variety of milk alternatives and unlike most other coffee shops they are available for no extra cost! Meaning your hot drink stays at £2.50 regardless of what milk you have.

There are four great alternatives available at Lower Deck:

Almond Milk is a classic milk alternative, naturally lower in calories, this is a good alternative for those who enjoy a low-fat alternative and it is high in vitamin E, making it great for your skin!

Coconut milk is a blend of the coconut flesh and the water that is inside of the coconut. Choose coconut milk as an alternative that remains creamy in texture and taste. The consistency is slightly thicker than cows' milk yet still makes a banging cup of coffee.

Oat Milk is a vegan milk substitute made from oats. At its most basic form, oat milk is made of oats and water blended together, then strained to create a smooth, creamy liquid. It is also delicious.

Soya Milk is one of the most common milk alternatives as it is free from both dairy and nuts. Made from the juice of soybeans and filtered water, soy’s creamy/beige colour brings a soft nut flavour to any warm drink.

So, it is safe to say that everyone can enjoy hot drinks at Lower Deck this winter.


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