Student Led Teaching Awards 2020 - the winners!

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Student Led Teaching Awards 2020 - the winners!

The Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs) are now in their fifth year - whilst we couldn't celebrate them in person this year, we had an online ceremony on Thursday 14th May to reveal shortlistees and winners.

These awards acknowledge the excellent practice of lecturers and staff members within the University – those who demonstrate their commitment to delivering the best possible teaching and supervision to students, creating profound and positive educational experiences. They also champion students who volunteer their time to make sure that their peers have the best experience of university.

This year we had 650 nominations for 420 individuals - the depth and variety of nominations was particularly pleasing for the panellists, and made for some tough decisions! However, decide they did, and the shortlistees and winners are listed below.

You can watch back the ceremony at Thank you if you nominated someone, well done if you were nominated, and congrats again to the shortlistees and winners!


Faculty Awards



Faculty of Business

  • Karen Aldridge (Principal Lecturer, Financial accounting)
  • Adotey Bing-Pappoe (Senior Lecturer, International Business)
  • WINNER: Elizabeth Warren (Professor of Accounting and Business Education)

Elizabeth was nominated as she is organised, fair and passionate about her job and her role as personal tutor. One student noted that on the first day of university, she introduced herself as someone who will be there to guide them through their journey at university and up until the last hurdle, she has delivered on that promise.


Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences

  • Jill Trinder (Senior Lecturer, Primary Education)
  • Rebecca Bolan (Senior Lecturer, Early Years)
  • Angeliki Bolou (Senior Lecturer, Midwifery)
  • WINNER: Ashley Brett (Senior Lecturer, Primary Education)

Ashley was chosen for always going above and beyond to ensure his students are well supported, both academically and emotionally. He is kind and the qualities he possesses as a personal tutor are amazing. One student stated they could not ask for a better personal tutor. Ashley’s selfless attitude to his tutees doesn’t seem to be astonishing to him, but part of his normal duties. His students are very lucky to know him.


Faculty of Engineering & Science

  • Linda Brownlow (Programme Leader, Forensice & Natural Sciences)
  • Robert Jenner (Senior Lecturer, Engineering)
  • Adrian Dobbs (Professor, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry)
  • WINNER: Susan Force (Senior Lecturer, Bioscience)

Susan was chosen for giving special care and attention to all students that are struggling or need help. She answers emails quickly, she's fair, makes time for students to visit her and emails with advice or course related information and extra-curricular activities.


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Chrisoulla Pawlowska (Senior Lecturer, Law)
  • Louise Hewitt (Lecturer, Law)
  • Louise Owusu-Kwarteng (Associate Professor, Applied Sociology)
  • Ben Hunter (Principal Lecturer, Criminology)
  • WINNER: John Morton (Associate Professor, English Literature)

John always has his students' best interests at heart. He arranges weekly tutor meetings, helps with personal issues and is always around to meet individually. He always emails out about events happening around the university and even looks out for events specific to the individual student.



Faculty of Business

  • Sian Moore (Professor, Employment Relations & HR Management)
  • Andres Coca Stefaniak (Associate Professor, Tourism & Events)
  • Menna Jones (Senior Lecturer, Events Management)
  • WINNER: Rob Robson (Principal Lecturer, Career Development)

Rob was chosen for challenging, supporting and encouraging his students. Students felt able to bounce many ideas off of him, with responses that showed he had taken a real interest in their projects. His teaching is outstanding and something that some students will never forget.


Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences

  • Oliver Robinson (Programme Leader, Psychology & Psychology & Counselling)
  • Sandhiran Patchay (Principal Lecturer, Psychology)
  • Scott Goudie (Clinical Education Facilitator)
  • Marialivia Bernardi (Lecturer, Psychology)
  • WINNER: Gemma Boden (Senior Lecturer, Paramedic Science)

Gemma was chosen for always making time to see us whether that was through Skype, email or in person. She always took the time to go over our work and give us great feedback. Gemma has played an instrumental role in helping pushing students to achieve their best work, even when motivation and lack of inspiration have been low.


Faculty of Engineering & Science

  • Mike Leach (Reader, Pharmacology & Drug Development)
  • WINNER: Jeanette Swan-Wallis (Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology)

Jeanette has done tremendous work in supporting her students, particularly those who have struggled due to mental health and disability issues. She is supportive even during non-working days and deserves to be recognised for her efforts towards all of her students.


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Gavin Rand (Principal Lecturer, History)
  • Kristian P Humble (Principal Lecturer, Law)
  • WINNER: Claire Eustance (Senior Lecturer, History)

Claire was chosen for being a source of encouragement and inspiration from the start of student’s PhD research. Her specialist knowledge of her field of study is vast, so too is her enthusiasm for her work.



Faculty of Business

  • Gillian Haxell (Faculty Administration & Support)
  • Guoxiang Song (Senior Lecturer, France Banking & Financial Services)
  • WINNER: Pamela Zigomo (Senior Lecturer, Events Management)

Pamela was chosen for being kind, caring and always patient with her students. She is always going above and beyond to support her students, making everyone feel ready and supported with upcoming deadlines. She has personally taken time out to speak with students about their university life and career direction.


Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences

  • Alison Cork (Programme Leader, Adult Nursing)
  • Poppy Gibson (Lecturer, Primary Education)
  • Roger McDonald (Associate Professor, Primary Education)
  • WINNER: Duncan Lloyd (Senior Lecturer, Primary Education)

Duncan was chosen always putting his students needs above his own and is incredibly proactive in ensuring that all students have everything they need to progress, even during unsociable hours. This was particularly evident during the Covid19 pandemic where many students were still completing placements. Duncan was ahead of the curve, making sure that students were aware of the current situation, knew what to do and how they were supported.


Faculty of Engineering & Science

  • Nichola Coleman (Senior Lecturer, Materials Chemistry)
  • WINNER: Cleopatra Branch (Clinical Lecturer, Pharmacy Practice)

Cleopatra receives this award as she genuinely cares about the success of her students. Her passion for her career is infectious and inspires students to be the best they can be. She is an approachable lecturer who takes the time to get to know her students.


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Kristian P Humble (Principal Lecturer, Law)
  • Louise Hewitt (Lecturer, Law)
  • WINNER: Richard Wild (Principal Lecturer, Criminology)

Richard was chosen for his continuous reassurance, sharing any and all knowledge he has for the course content, strike action situation and now throughout the lockdown period. Richard is one of the most dedicated and passionate people some of his students have met. He puts his heart and soul into the department of Criminology and is most deserving of this award.



Faculty of Business

  • Gerhard Kristandl (Senior Lecturer, Management Accounting)
  • Nadia Benbouzid (Senior Lecturer, Finance)
  • Ewa Krolikowska-Adamcyzk (Senior Lecturer, Marketing)
  • Emmanuel Mogaji (Lecturer, Advertising & Marketing Communications)
  • WINNER: Andres Coca Stefaniak (Associate Professor, Tourism & Events)

Andres received many nominations for this award. For one student, he helped them find new personal values which will affect their career choice in the future. His passion for his subject was mentioned multiple times and his teaching abilities, including how he goes out of his way to ensure every student understands, are inspiring to everyone.


Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences

  • Skye Kennedy-Cullen (Teaching Fellow, Counselling)
  • Marlon Stiell (Senior Lecturer, Paramedic Science)
  • Rob Wilson (Senior Lectuer, Psychology)
  • WINNER: Bonnie Kerr (Practitioner, Primary Education)

Bonnie was nominated because she makes topics interesting and makes sure students all know what the module requirements are. she is always open to feedback from us and then find solutions to any problems to ensure things can be constantly improved. She wants students to do their best and therefore constantly checks in to ensure they are coping mentally and academically. Some students believe she deserves this award because she is an outstanding lecturer, tutor and person all in one!


Faculty of Engineering & Science

  • Linda Nicolaides (Principal Scientist, Natural Resources Institute)
  • Marcin Glowacz (Lecturer, Biological Sciences)
  • Mike Sharp (Teaching Fellow, Engineering)
  • WINNER: Michael Okereke (Senior Lecturer, Engineering Mechanics)

Michael was chosen for Producing incredible teaching material, works incredibly hard and cares deeply about his students. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael showed incredible dedication to the course and progress of his students. Michael has always stood out to students as a lecturer who stands well above the rest by showing sincere understanding and providing provisions to help everyone through any circumstances.


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Tatiana Simmonds (Associate Professor, Computer Science)
  • Jia Wang (Lecturer, Spatial Informatics)
  • WINNER: Mark Pawlowski (Professor, Property Law)

It is no easy accomplishment to endow a subject or topic with such interest, that it captures the minds and intellectual capabilities of those who study it – but this is what Mark has achieved in the eyes of his students. Mark has been consistent with his teaching, taught his students to an exceptionally high level.



Individual and Team Awards



  • Student Wellbeing Services
  • WINNER: King William IT Support Group

They were chosen for their outstanding commitment and service all year round. They have provided great assistance, no matter the issue whenever required and are always there. One nomination stated that they owe a great deal of their university success to this team.



  • Ivan Garcia (Lecturer, School of Design)
  • Shapna Compton (Coordinator – Disability & Dyslexia, Student Services)
  • Christine Viner (Accomodation team, Sodexo)
  • WINNER: Melanie Thorley (Coordinator – AccessAbility, UK Student Recruitment)

Melanie was chosen for Emotionally supporting students through some of the hardest times of their lives, enabling them to continue at university. She directs students to any support and services they might require, and the work that Melanie does with the S.T.A.A.R.T. group and all of her ambassadors is amazing and she is a real inspiration.



  • Shivaun Gammie (Senior Lecturer, MPharm)
  • Dawn Riley (Principal Lecturer, Financial Accounting)
  • Louise Hewitt (Lecturer, Law)
  • WINNER: Emilie Edwards (Lecturer, Midwifery)

Emilie won due to her work ensure the information students are given is evidence based and gives a more holistic approach to midwifery. Her input into learning and teaching has been invaluable and logical. Since COVID-19 she has gone above and beyond to facilitate learning from home, reorganising online resources, providing structure and valuable feedback when students have felt a little left in the dark, checking in on more than just academics but personal well-being too.



Student Awards



Faculty of Business

  • Syed Jawad Ali (Year 2, BA Business Studies)
  • WINNER: Daniela Hurtado (Year 3, BA Business with Law)

Daniella was chosen for her excellent communication skills between students and teachers. She makes sure to give regular updates to her peers and has been representing her classmates successfully during challenging circumstances such as Covid-19. 


Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences

  • Jeff Powell (Year 1, PG Higher Education)
  • Leanne Hack (Year 3, BSc Midwifery)
  • Georgina Harrison (Year 1, PGCE Secondary, Physical Education)
  • George Davis (Year 3, BSc Paramedic Science)
  • WINNER: Helen Graves (Year 2, BA Primary Education)

Helen receives this award as she communicates regularly with her peers, finding out issues that affect them and finding ways to solve these issues. She supports her cohort more than what is expected of her as a student rep. Her peers feel they can contact her at any time and she provides guidance even if it is not related directly to university work. The true meaning of above and beyond!


Faculty of Engineering & Science

  • WINNER: Kruti Patel (Year 3, MPharm)

Having been a Programme Rep for two years, Kruti has shown great initiative in speaking to her fellow students and asking for feedback. She has also been involved with the Diveristy, inclusivity and equality committee as a student representative and has supported students in getting their ideas and concerns heard.


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • WINNER: Emily Fisher (Year 1, BA English Literature)

Emily has created a community within the English and Creative Writing department with a lively Whatsapp group, distributing information about events and facilitating  a forum for students to discuss work, lectures and more. She has been central to creating a real social group centred around literature.



  • Zoe Campbell (Year 3, BA Criminology)
  • WINNER: Darnell White-Russell (Year 3, BA Politics & International Relations)

(Both from Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Darnell was chosen for being a great negotiator and always asking his fellow students about problems.  He has been a good leader and communicator, representing his peers’ academic interests and being committed to his role throughout the year.



  • Psychology Society
  • Bar Society
  • WINNER: Marketing Society

They were chosen for this award because they provided amazing workshops for students to attend, they have allowed members to gain skills such as teamwork and communication by working on upcoming projects such as the Marketing Society Podcast. Marketing Society have been one of the most active societies arranging weekly meetings and organizing various events for their members and providing a friendly environment to be in. The event they organise are ones that a preferred by their members, not just from their own ideas. All of this shows how they have been an image of perfection as an Academic community.


Special Award


  • WINNER: Karen Bryan, previous previous Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at the University of Greenwich

During her two and half years, she was a good friend to GSU and always ensured that student voice was at the heart of discussions across the University. From committee meetings, task and finish groups and general communication, she kept the perspective clear and ensured that the University was here to listen to the student voice and shared a common goal and endeavour to improve the student experience at Greenwich. GSU would like to thank Karen for always championing the work of GSU through her collaborative approach, always ensuring that students had a seat and voice at the table, and also for helping the SLTAs to go from strength to strength year after year. 


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