Student Assembly – Update from December 2023 meeting

Student Assembly, the highest decision-making body at Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU), met in December 2023 for its second meeting of the academic year.

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Photo showing students sat in Student Assembly

Student Assembly, the highest decision-making body at Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU), met in December 2023 for its second meeting of the academic year.

Student Assembly exists to reflect and represent the views of members. It sets out a course of action for GSU, and its representatives, through the decisions it makes. Attending and participating in Student Assembly is open to all students, and any student can submit items for the agenda. It is one way that students can make a change at Greenwich.

Student Assembly – December 2023 meeting

In its latest meeting, Student Assembly discussed updates around the Medway bus service, the trustee board and better collaboration with societies. The main focus of the meeting was on discussions around student withdrawals, and the conflict in Palestine.

Students in the meeting highlighted that fees were an issue for many students, especially international students, and were likely a big factor when looking at student withdrawals. They discussed more support, instalment payment plans and different payment systems as potential solutions.

The discussion on the conflict in Palestine resulted in Student Assembly passing a motion calling for Greenwich Students’ Union to issue a statement to members. The motion states:

Proposal for GSU actions in solidarity with Palestine:

  1. GSU issues a statement including:
    1. An expression of solidarity with people affected by the current Israeli violence against Palestinians.
    2. Educating GSU members on the ongoing occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and current settlements by Israelis.
    3. Encouraging students to attend protests attend any society fundraisers, and enact consumer boycotts in line with BDS.
    4. Reminding members to challenge all forms of racism including Islamophobia and antisemitism.
  2. GSU institutes a landing page on Palestine solidarity on the website with ways to help.

The full minutes for the meeting are available, along with all Student Assembly minutes, on the Student Assembly webpage.


Greenwich Students’ Union statement

The full GSU statement, and landing page on Palestinian solidarity, are linked below. Please note, that these pages are available to Students' Union members only - if you are a student at the University of Greenwich, then you will need to be logged in to read these pages.

We will provide an update on the GSU response to the motion at the next Student Assembly on Thursday 21st March.

More information about Student Assembly, how it works, and how to get involved is available on the Student Assembly webpage.



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